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Vintage Horror Tarot Cards by Jessica DeFelice
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Dr. Torpor's Chronic 10 Card Tarot Reading!

Choose your Tarot Card from seven different decks!



Dr. Torpor's Chronic 10 Card Tarot Reading!

Featuring 1964 Milton Bradley’s Monster Old Maid Deck



Dr. Torpor's Chronic 4 Card Tarot Reading!

Featuring 1964 Milton Bradley’s The Munsters Card Game Deck



Once you purchase the reading of your choice, you will receive an email to which you can reply with some times that work for you.  Dr. Torpor will respond and the reading will be scheduled.  On the day and time of the reading, Dr. Torpor will send you a Google Hangouts link that will enable you to see and hear the reading.  If your computer does not have a microphone, Dr. Torpor can use his smart phone to hear you.

Dr. Torpor will greet you and initiate the type of reading with the corresponding deck that you chose.  For a Chronic Ten Card reading, Dr. Torpor will lay out the first eight cards.  After those are discussed, the last two cards are revealed and explored one at a time.


Dr. Torpor is a Cartomancer, Interpreter of the Infinite, and Doctor of the Mind.  He communicates with multiple levels of latitude and longitude using tricyclical powers.  He learned how to read the Tarot from the better angels of his nature and the devils on his shoulder.  It gave them something else to do besides fight with each other.

Dr. Torpor is here to reveal onto you that which you seek!  In addition to seeing into your life circumstances, there is wise counsel and a healthy does of scientific twaddle included with each reading!

Dr. Torpor manifests in an earthly form at horror conventions and other events.  Dr. Torpor also enjoys materializing at other times and locations by request.

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