It’s Not for Everyone

They Shoot Horses Don’t They? and Silent Snow, Secret Snow The former is a 1969 film and the latter is a vignette in the TV horror anthology series, The Night Gallery.

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Overrated Sequels

Dr. Torpor

Inferior Sequels That Are Inexplicably Preferred Over their Predecessors​ For some reason, many mortals prefer certain sequels over the films that created the possibility of a sequel in the first place.  There is no guarantee that the first of a series will be the best of its lot.  But in the following cases, the original…

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Billy Jack

Billy Jack The four films in the Billy Jack cycle are viscerally gripping and alarming in their depiction of the most noble human impulses being overwhelmed by negative forces.  Good always wins but just barely.  At the finish, one has the impression that this is a tentative victory and just one skirmish in a much larger…

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