dream interpreter and tarot reader

In addition to interpreting dreams and reading the tarot, Paul is a board-certified counseling psychologist.  Paul’s psychological knowledge and skills enhance his dream interpretation and tarot readings.  An avid student of the ancient method of the tarot, Paul is constantly learning more about this amazing form of divination.  Paul also posts videos about dream interpretation and the tarot.

Dreams are an attempt to communicate something to ourselves that for some reason we are not consciously eager to know, even if it is positive.  Dream symbolism and imagery is unique to each person and the moment in life when the dream occurs.  The meaning of all the dream elements need to be discovered through a process of exploration.  First you tell Paul the dream in as much detail as you can recall.  Then Paul will ask you what comes to your mind about each particular element in the dream.  After doing this with all aspects of the dream, Paul can arrive at a meaning for the dream itself. 


Paul views the tarot as a multifaceted stimulus that facilitates a unique conversation between querent and reader.  Through this interaction, one’s way of life may express itself and be seen differently than usual.  A tarot reading provides a fascinating way to learn more about oneself.


Dr. Torpor
Horror host and otherworldly entity

A character created by Paul Polychronis, Dr. Torpor appears in his Theatre of Fate horror host videos in which he comments on horror movies.  Dr. Torpor appears in other entertaining videos as well.  Additionally, he likes to briefly pop up in Paul’s serious tarot videos, just to keep Paul from taking himself too seriously.


How does this work?

After requesting the reading of your choice, you have three choices for getting the reading, livestreaming, over the phone, or by email. For livestreaming and over the phone, you will receive an email asking for some times when you would like to have your reading. Once the reading is scheduled you will be sent a PayPal invoice. On the day and time of your reading, Paul will send you a Google Hangouts link for livestreaming that will enable you to see and hear the reading. The camera alternates between the tarot cards and Paul. If your computer does not have a microphone, Paul will use his smart phone to hear you. For over the phone tarot readings Paul will call you on the scheduled time.

For the livestream and phone readings, Paul will greet you and begin the reading with the deck you chose. The ten-card tarot reading is the Celtic Cross but with the cards laid out in two rows of five instead of the usual spread. Paul will lay out the first eight cards. After those are discussed, the last two cards are revealed and explored one at a time – due to their special import!
With the email reading, Paul will attach photos of the tarot layout to the email and send an interpretation of the what the tarot cards reveal in for you in that spread.


Where Do I Schedule a Reading?




Ten Card (Celtic Cross) Tarot Reading

Choose from seven different tarot decks!



Ten Card (Celtic Cross) Tarot Reading

Featuring 1964 Milton Bradley’s Monster Old Maid Deck



Four Card Tarot Reading

Featuring 1964 Milton Bradley’s The Munsters Card Game Deck