Who is DR. TORPOR?

Dr. Torpor is the creation of Paul D. Polychronis, Ph.D., ABPP, a board certified counseling psychologist, with three decades of clinical experience and fourteen published articles since 2015.  Paul's knowledge from the field of psychology enriches tarot readings with helpful information and guidance (what Dr. Torpor calls, in a good natured way, "scientific twaddle").

Paul was inspired to do tarot readings as the character Dr. Torpor by the classic 1965 British horror movie, Dr. Terror's House of Horrors.  Paul is fascinated by the history, tremendous depth, and powerful archetypes of the tarot.  Dr. Torpor also does videos, including brief horror host vignettes of great horror films.

Having appeared at horror conventions and other events, Dr. Torpor enjoys materializing at times and locations by request!

So, Who Is Paul Polychronis?

Paul is a board-certified counseling psychologist.  He has published twelve articles since 2015. Throughout his career Paul has held leadership positions in three national professional organizations.  He is a lifelong student of the science of psychology and the art and science of psychotherapy. Paul is a student of the tarot and loves giving tarot readings.


How did Paul Create Dr. Torpor?

The idea of Dr. Torpor was originally inspired by Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, a 1965 British horror movie.  Peter Cushing played Dr. Schreck, a mysterious tarot reader.  Other influences include Dr. Caligari from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), Dr. Septimus Pretorius from Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Professor Marvel from The Wizard of Oz (1939), Professor A. Daemon from the Twilight Zone episode “The Chaser” (1960), Simon of Simon’s Sanctorum (a Boston horror host from 1970 to 1973), and one of Paul’s professors from graduate school, William B. Arndt Jr.  Also, the good Dr. Torpor is an extension of some of Paul’s most bodacious and bombastic personality traits.


Why Does Dr. Torpor Look Like That?

Dr. Torpor’s cadaverous features are a combination of silent film makeup, the garish appearance of many horror hosts, and Voodoo face painting.

Will Paul Wear Dr. Torpor Makeup for My Online Tarot Reading?

For your reading Paul will not be in makeup.  Paul has a serious attitude about the tarot. Unlike Dr. Torpor, who does not seem to take things very seriously.  Dr. Torpor wears makeup for videos and live performances. Dr. Torpor can get quite wacky in his videos and in person.

What Makes Paul Polychronis a Good Tarot Reader?

Paul adds psychological knowledge to tarot readings.  He views the tarot as a multidimensional stimulus that facilitates a unique conversation between querent and reader.  Through this interaction, certain aspects of one’s life may manifest and be viewed differently than how they are ordinarily experienced.  A tarot reading provides an intriguing opportunity to learn more about oneself.

How does this work?

After requesting the reading of your choice, you will receive an email asking for some times when you would like to have your reading.  Once the reading is scheduled you will be sent a PayPal invoice. On the day and time of your reading, Paul will send you a Google Hangouts link that will enable you to see and hear the reading.  The camera alternates between the tarot cards and Paul. If your computer does not have a microphone, Paul will use his smart phone to hear you.

Paul will greet you and begin the reading with the deck you chose.  The ten-card tarot reading is the Celtic Cross but with the cards laid out in two rows of five instead of the usual spread.  Paul will lay out the first eight cards. After those are discussed, the last two cards are revealed and explored one at a time – due to their special import!


Where Do I Schedule a Reading?



Dr. Torpor's Ten Card (Celtic Cross) Tarot Reading!

Choose your Tarot Card from seven different decks!



Dr. Torpor's Ten Card (Celtic Cross) Tarot Reading!

Featuring 1964 Milton Bradley’s Monster Old Maid Deck



Dr. Torpor's Four Card Tarot Reading!

Featuring 1964 Milton Bradley’s The Munsters Card Game Deck