tarot reader and dream interpreter

I approach tarot, and other card readings, as an invitation from the querent to perceive their unconscious communication.  This information is received by my unconsciously and consciously.  The resulting synthesis expresses itself through the cards.    

In dream interpretation I explore several dimensions of the dream, primarily through inviting the querent to free-associate to the dream elements.  At the conclusion of this process, I suggest one or more meanings. 

In addition to interpreting dreams and reading the tarot, I am a board-certified counseling psychologist.  My psychological expertise enhances my tarot readings and dream interpretations.  An avid student of the ancient method of the tarot, I spend a lot of time studying this fascinating approach to revealing the unconscious and the unknown. I also make videos applying the tarot to life situations.

A dream is usually an attempt by your unconscious to communicate something to yourself.  The content of the dream is often disguised because your conscious mind is reluctant to hear the message, even when it is something positive.  So, the meaning of a dream is sent in a code that needs to be deciphered.  This code of dream symbolism and imagery is unique to you. 

To understand the meaning of the dream, each element within the dream needs to be examined one by one.  First I will ask you to recall the dream in as much detail as you possibly can.  When that is completed, I will ask what comes to your mind about each particular element in the dream.  After doing this with all aspects of the dream, I can arrive at meanings for the dream in its entirety.  Another way of putting it, when this process is finished I will be able to tell you what the dream is trying to say to you.  

Regarding the tarot, I see the tarot deck as a multifaceted stimulus that facilitates a unique conversation between querent and reader.  Through this interaction, one’s approach to life may express itself and be experienced differently than usual.  A tarot reading provides a fascinating and unusual way to learn more about oneself by revealing unconscious information.


Dr. Torpor
Horror host and otherworldly entity

Dr. Torpor is an entity from another dimension.  A dimension that apparently grants doctoral degrees.  Having taken a liking to the planet earth, Dr. Torpor is fascinated by the important cultural artifacts of horror movies.  Dr. Torpor appears in his own Theatre of Fate  horror host videos where he makes observations on some of his favorite horror movies as well as using the tarot.  Dr. Torpor also visits this material plane at various live events and horror conventions.


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How does this work?

You can have a dream interpretation in a variety of ways.  By live streaming (that can also be saved as a video with a link sent to you), over the phone, or by email. 

For tarot readings, after choosing the reading you want, the reading can be done by live streaming.  Or if you would rather not interact during the reading, you can send me the question and receive the reading in a video with a link sent to you.  The tarot reading could also be done with you live over the phone.  Or for an email reading you can ask the question for our reading and receive the response in a detailed email report along with pictures of the cards in your spread. 

For the interactive modes, such as live streaming, over the phone, and dream interpretation by email, I will send you an email asking for some times when you would like to have your tarot reading or dream interpretation.  Once the dream interpretation or tarot reading is scheduled you will be sent a PayPal invoice. For live streaming, on the day and time of your reading, I will send you a Google Hangouts link for live streaming that will enable you to interact with me and see and hear the dream interpretation or tarot reading.  For tarot readings, the camera alternates between me and the tarot cards.  If your computer does not have a working microphone, I can use my smart phone to hear you. For tarot readings over the phone, I will call you on the scheduled time.

For tarot readings by livestreaming or phone, I will greet you and begin the reading with the deck you chose. The ten-card tarot reading is the Celtic Cross but arranged differently, with the cards laid out in two rows of five.

For a tarot reading by email, Paul will attach photos of the tarot layout and individual cards to the email.  The email will include a thorough report of the reading in response to the query.


Where Do I Schedule a Reading?



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Dream Interpretaion

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