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Once you select your choice of reading, you will receive an email from Dr. Torpor to schedule the reading.  Once the reading is scheduled you will be sent a PayPal invoice.  On the day and time of the reading, Dr. Torpor will send you a Google Hangouts link that will enable you to see and hear Dr. Torpor and see the cards.  If your computer does not have a microphone, Dr. Torpor can use his smart phone to hear you.

Dr. Torpor will greet you and begin the reading you selected.  For a Chronic Ten Card reading, Dr. Torpor will lay out the first eight cards.  After those are discussed, the last two cards are revealed and explored one at a time.  Due to their special import!


Dr. Torpor is a Cartomancer, Interpreter of the Infinite, and Doctor of the Mind.  He communicates with multiple levels of latitude and longitude using tricyclic powers.  He learned how to read the Tarot from the better angels of his nature and the devils on his shoulder.  It gave them something better to do besides fight with each other.

Dr. Torpor is here to reveal onto you that which you seek!  In addition to seeing into your life circumstances, there is wise counsel and scientific twaddle included with each reading!

Dr. Torpor manifests in an earthly form at horror conventions and other events.  Dr. Torpor also enjoys materializing at other times and locations by request.


Dr. Torpor - Eternally interpreting the infinite.

Dr. Torpor endorses The Vintage Horror Tarot deck created by Jessica DeFelice.  This morbidly beautiful Tarot deck is often featured in photographs of Dr. Torpor.   It is currently sold out but if you politely ask her minion, Shoggothassembly, he... she... it... might make you a set.

For those possessing intestinal fortitude, Dr. Torpor also recommends the Ritual Abuse Tarot deck from the diabolically creative mind of Ryan Sheffield.  You may share his tormented visions by seeking him at

More coming soon!


Dr. Torpor revealing the infinite unto a Canine Querent. Note the mystical halo manifestation around the dog's head, not to be confused with a stationary recumbent exercise bicycle.

Perceptive Querent's portrayal of Dr. Torpor's tricyclic aura.


"Heaven but the vision of fulfilled desire,
And hell the shadow of a soul on fire,
Cast on the darkness into which ourselves,
So late emerged from, shall so soon expire"

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

"Sitting usually involves locating the posterior portion of the anatomy upon a flat horizontal surface."

Stay tuned for more astonishing observations!


Dr. Torpor

Be wary of the Hollow Days!

Dr. Torpor