Why Does Dr. Torpor Dress That Way?

A rather dapper gent, Dr. Torpor almost always wears a suit and tie.  After watching many episodes of Thriller, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Twilight Zone, Dr. Torpor concluded that he discovered the requisite attire for beings in this dimension that most closely resembled him.  He also ensures his shoes are well polished.  Although few are those privileged enough to get a peek at them.

What Happened to Dr. Torpor's Face?

Whenever Dr. Torpor passes into a new dimension and enters its atmosphere, the adiabatic compression that causes "entry flames" have resulted in several rigorous facial peels that an esthetician would envy.  Consequently, what remains is the cadaverous bone structure that some have likened to Edvard Munch's "The Scream."  But the self-effacing (literally as well as figuratively) Dr. Torpor eschews such flattery.

When Will Dr. Torpor Reveal the Secrets of the Universe?

Out of consideration for the fragile psyches of the sentient beings occupying this dimension, Dr. Torpor does not want to overwhelm you with the full extent of his cosmic knowledge all at once.  He is slowly assembling All That is Known regarding All That Is in a slow and inductive fashion.  By extracting bits of The Unspeakable Reality from horror movies, Dr. Torpor titrates the dosage of infinite wisdom.

Where Does Dr. Torpor Reside?

Dr. Torpor is simultaneously everywhere, anywhere, and nowhere.  He prefers nowhere.  In fact, Dr. Torpor is the original Nowhere Man long before The Beatles wrote a song about it.  He consists of nothing and deals exclusively in something that is commonly referred to as nonsense.  Dr. Torpor is watching everyone and everything continuously which causes him extreme boredom and fits of narcolepsy.