Cheez-It Extra Cheesy is Gross!

For ages Cheez-It was a product of Sunshine Bakery and Cheez-It crackers were a predictable and reliable commodity.  Once bought by the Kellog conglomeration, the once venerable Cheez-It fell victim to the infinite permutation disease for which Oreo cookies has been a poster child.  One of the variants is Extra Cheesy.  I had to try this, imagining the inside of the adorable square crackers now being somehow soft and dense.  Hopefully packed with some form of non-perishable junk-food cheddar.  Instead, all Extra Cheesy turned out to be was regular Cheez-Its with the same finger-caking cheese dust that you find on Cheetos.  Rather than making the Cheez-Its more cheesy, or even tasting better in any way whatsoever, the result was a counterproductive clash of flavors.  The wonderful taste of a basic Cheez-It and the unmistakable dusty, chalky, and twangy taste of Cheetos cheese dust cohabitating in strife.  It would have been better to simply get a big bowl and mix a box of Cheez-Its and bag of Cheetos together.  Instead, the Cheez-It flavor was done violence by the invading Cheeto dust that simply made my taste buds wonder where the crunchy bodies of the Cheetos had disappeared to.

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