Chess and Retired People

If you’re retired you should really consider playing chess.

It provides many cognitive benefits for players. A Google search can show you all the good things chess does for the brain. It will make you wonder how you survived all these years without chess. It is similar to wishing you would have reduced your cholesterol long ago. And chess has crucial differences from those other pastimes that appeal to retired folks. In chess you rely on your wits. Whereas bridge subjects you to the luck of the draw and the whims of your partner. You cannot get sunburned playing chess like you can with golf, unless you insist on sitting outside. For that matter, it is virtually impossible to get injured playing chess. Although I did bang my thumb once while enthusiastically castling. It didn’t hurt that bad and I forgot about it almost immediately. Given the coronavirus, chess can be played virtually and in real time on It has a nifty chat function so you still get to banter with your opponent. Keep that trash talk cranking. Dr. Torpor recommends you move beyond your checkered past and into a future of sixty-four squares.

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