Guess Sneakers Review

These sneakers had a metallic copper colored coating on the toes which looked great for about two weeks until it started peeling off like aluminum foil.  A pasty white mesh was revealed underneath.

I thought these shoes were vegan because the uppers felt like rubber although the box said the shoes were made of leather.  But, being procured on liquidation from a closing Gordman’s, they may have been in the wrong box.  I do suspect the uppers were synthetic because they did not breath and made my feet smell BAD which in turn made the interior of the sneakers smell AWFUL.  The blue rubbery upper material was also made to look like imitation snake skin.

The internal structure of the sneakers provided the orthopedic support of a pair of flip flops.  I know, nobody buys Guess sneakers to run a marathon.  The stitches broke away from the midsole and the toe sections leaving odd looking gaps around the toes that were looking more and more like shredded Christmas tree tinsel.  The insole underneath the toe started to separate making me fear if my toe caught an elevated sidewalk the whole bottom of the shoe would flap behind causing me to flop on my face.  I finally retired them when the big toenail of my right foot started poking a hole through the top of the now beleaguered copper coated toe surface.

Conclusion.  These shoes look great for a couple weeks.  But they will make your feet stink.  And they will end up in a landfill very quickly.  Unless you are clever at re-purposing things.  Why did I buy them in the first place?  The nice clerk at the nosediving Gordman’s told me they had been on the shelf for a couple years and priced them for me at eighteen dollars and some change.  At a price like that I could afford to have smelly feet for awhile.

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